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Product description


Fat, bulging wallets are bad for your back and your style. our RFID Wallet can help you slim your wallet down to half the size.

✔️ Ultra-thin, lightweight, and compact (4" x 2.5")
✔️ Fit up to 10 cards
✔️ RFID Blocking compartment for 6 cards
✔️ Two non-RFID convenient scanning slots
✔️ Cash compartment for bills
✔️ Card ejection slider for easy access

Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Available in 3 colors to match any style.

Large Capacity

UBER Wallet contains two non-RFID dual card slots, an RFID compartment, and a money holder for your cash. The RFID compartment has a slider that can hold up to 6 cards that can be ejected for quick access. Polished interior surfaces won't damage cards and provides smooth functionality.

RFID Technology

Equipped with advanced RFID SECURE Technology, a unique metal composite, engineered specifically to block 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals and protect the valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans.



Small and Lightweight

This RFID wallet carries all your essential cards and cash, yet remains as thin in your pocket as your smartphone. No more overstuffed jeans. No more unsightly bulge in your pants. Just a super sleek fashion accessory that makes everything easier. 

Convenient Scanning

The two card slots outside the RFID compartment does not shield against cards so you will still be able to scan your hotel key cards, employee ID Badges, transit passes without taking them out of your wallet!